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Tools: Simulation Chemostat
Topic 1: Batch growth
  Task description
  Varma and Palsson (1994)
  Kovarova-Kovar and Egli (1998)
  Excel Data (Varma and Palson,1994)
 Topic 2:
Continuous culture - x(t), s(t) graphs vs. x(D), s(D) diagrams
  Task description
  Kayser et al. (2005)
  Ihssen and Egli (2004)
  Excel Data (Kayser et al., 2005)
  Excel Data (Ihssen and Egli, 2004)
Topic 3: Transition from batch to continuous culture
  Task description
Topic 4: Batch growth - interpretation of experimental data
  Task description
  Tao et al. (1998)
Topic 5:  Continuous culture - interpretation of experimental data
   Task description
   Kovarova et al. (1996)
Topic 6: Transients - Interpretation of the experimental data
  Task description
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