Exercise_ETH/Uni05 - koka - 0.50 h - basic

ETH/Uni05_With the help of which model can you describe the experimental data of Kayser et al. (2004)?

After working on this exercise you will be able to...

1. prepare x(D) and s(D) diagrams for chemostat cultures starting from experimental data.

2. predict the influence of sin and of the growth parameters on x(D) and s(D) curves.


Determine the nature of the task

2 Open the x,s(D) simulation (Excel) Simulation > Kontinuierliche Kultur - Chemostat > Files

Introduce under "experimental data" the values determined by Kayser et al. (2005).


Introduce under parameter 1 and 2 the substrate concentration in the medium feed sin used in the chemostat experiments of Kayser et al. (2005)

5 Model the experimental x,s(D) data by successively changing the growth parameters.
6 Based on the results of your fitting formulate a mathematical model to describe the experimental results of Kayser et al. (2005).

Answer the question.